October 24, 2012

Stickers and Finger Paint for Halloween

Stickers and Finger Paint for Halloween

This fun art activity was made from cute Halloween stickers and black finger paint: a great combination for Halloween.


  • Have you noticed that little kids tend to create art using only a small portion of their paper?  They need experiences to help them 'see' the whole surface. In order to help Calvin cover his whole paper, I let him first apply the finger paint with a big, fat brush.  Once the paper was covered, he started making designs with his fingers.

  • After the paint dried, I pressed it under a book to stop the edges from curling.  

  • Calvin's next step was to cover the paper with stickers. He loved the colorful stickers with their wiggle eyes.

  • Although the stickers often curled upon themselves, Calvin never gave up. He worked and worked to make each one stick.  Activities like these help develop his small muscle coordination: a pre-writing skill.  

  • Calvin's Halloween picture became part of my front door decoration.

Have a safe and happy Halloween.

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