October 6, 2012

Painted Acorns for Kids Fall Art Project

Painted Acorns for Fall

Painting acorns is easy and fun.  Can you believe the ones in this photo were created using a disposable plastic salad bowl from a local salad restaurant?

I loved using the salad bowl with little-arty-pants. The first time we used it, we made Spin Art Coasters. Painting those coasters was so much fun for Calvin, I wanted him to use the bowl again.

  • Before we could use the acorns in our art, we had to dry them and remove any little insects that lived inside.

 Preparing Acorns For Art

(click for instructions)


  • Calvin used a meat baster to squirt paint and glitter into a plastic bowl.  Any plastic bowl will do as long as it has a lid.

  • He dropped the acorns into the bowl one at a time.

  • I taped the lid on to keep paint from spilling out. We used yellow duck tape, but any tape will do.

  • Calvin moved the bowl around to spread paint and glitter on the acorns.

He hit the bowl.

He rolled it.

He kicked it.

  • Once the acorns were painted:

                    * I removed the acorns from the plastic bowl. 
              * I spread them on newspaper to dry.
              * I glued their caps on.
                    * I put them in our fall display. 

Calvin was 13 months old when we did the first project using this disposable plastic bowl:  Spin Art Coasters.  For that project I had to squirt the paint into the bowl.  For this project, at 18 months, he was able to squirt the paint himself. It was fun seeing the progress he made.

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