October 20, 2012

Halloween Pumpkins From Balloon Prints

 Halloween Pumpkin Balloon Prints 

Halloween pumpkins are always fun to make, especially when balloons and paint are involved.  In this project we mixed red and yellow paint to make our own orange, which makes a great lesson in secondary colors.


  • We began by mixing orange from red and yellow paint. Calvin and I squirted a little red paint into the container.

  • Then we squirted yellow paint (two parts yellow to one part red).

  • Calvin stirred the red and yellow with a brush.  He could see it turning to orange.

  • Calvin's next step was to press the balloon into the paint.

  • When the balloon was full of paint, Calvin pressed it down on a piece of white construction paper making the print.

Calvin needed help with the remaining steps, but an older child could do them independently.

  • cut the prints into pumpkin shapes

  • cut eyes, nose, and mouth from yellow construction paper for each pumpkin

  • cut a stem from brown construction paper for each pumpkin

  • Calvin and I glued everything together as you see below.  I put the glue on each item, and Calvin placed it where he wanted.

  • Calvin made four pumpkins from his prints. We displayed them as our Halloween pumpkin patch.

Extend the Activity:

I read about painting with balloons in The Big Messy Art Book by Mary Ann Kohl.  In her Other-Than-Brushes List, Ms. Kohl suggested using balloons as an alternative tool for painting.  Halloween seemed the perfect time to try it out.

I really like Ms. Kohl's philosophy for teaching art to young children. We both believe the 'process' of creating art is more important than the 'product' created. Here is where you can learn about Ms. Kohl and her philosophy:

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