August 25, 2012

Bean Bag Fun for Toddlers

Bean Bag Fun for Toddlers


For the past two weeks Calvin and I have had fun with dry beans. We played with Beans in a Tub for sensory awareness, and we used some of the beans to make a tactile Collage.  This week I used the left over beans to make homemade bean bags just for fun. 

Procedure for making Bean Bags:

I made each bean bag by ...
  1. scooping 2 cups dry beans into a zipper-type sandwich bag and zipping it shut,
  2. inserting the bag into another sandwich bag and zipping it shut
  3. tapping the second bag with masking tape
  4. decorating the bag with a permanent marker 

This is how Calvin played with the bean bags?

  • He squeezed them.

  • He shook them.

  • He threw them.

  • He rolled them. 

  • He dumped them. 

Extend the Activity:

  • If you don't want to make you own bean bags, you could purchase these. They teach shapes.
(< click for

  • If your child is older, you could purchase this bean bag game.  It's for children age 3 and up and comes with six bean bags.
 (< click for

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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