July 18, 2012

Make a Spring Grass Mobile

Make a Spring Grass Mobile

The weather's warm, the sun's shining, and the flowers are blooming. Nature is waking up, and it's time to make art that will welcome spring.

Today was the first time one year old Calvin played in the grass. As I watched him filling his bucket with pulled grass, I got a crazy idea about making a mobile from collaged grass.   


  • Calvin loves to tear paper, but he can only tear it when it's soft and wet.  So his first job was to wet some green construction paper.  He did it the easy way.  He picked up his bucket of water and poured it everywhere, even on the paper.

  • Once the paper was wet, Calvin grabbed it with both hands and pulled horizontally, tearing it into large pieces.

  • Clavin's next job was his favorite.  He picked handful after handful of grass, filling his bucket.  Then he dumped all of the grass on the ground and started over again.

  • I filled Calvin's other bucket with some grass and torn paper and placed it in front of him.  I laid the sticky side of a piece of clear contact paper next to the bucket.  Calvin sprinkled handfuls of grass and paper onto the contact paper.

  • Once the paper was full, I sealed everything by placing another piece of contact paper on top.

  • I cut the contact paper into triangles and circles and strung them on yarn, along with some small straw pieces.  Now we have a spring mobile swaying in the warm breeze.

Extend the Activity:

It's hard to look at pulled grass as a work of art, but that's exactly what Andy Goldsworthy does. He's a contemporary artist who turns objects from nature into art. 

  • Andy Goldsworthy Naturalist Artist Part 1 is a You Tube video filled with beautiful images.

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