July 28, 2012

Make a Gluey, Glittery, Sparkly Mobile

Gluey, Glittery, Sparkly Mobile

This Gluey, Glittery, Sparkly Mobile was made using six disposable desert bowls. Before the activity began, I ate six chocolate fudge brownie deserts (not all at once) and saved the little bowls they came in. It was hard work, but I enjoyed it!


I used the sharp end of a compass to poke holes in the bottom of a plastic drinking cup. Before I gave the cup to Calvin, I filled it 1/3 full of  glitter and covered the top with plastic wrap secured with a rubber band.

  • When I handed the cup to Calvin, he just looked at it.  So I placed my hand over his and we shook over the desert bowl. That was all he needed, and I took my hand away.

  • As he shook the cup, glitter flew everywhere: on him, on me, on the floor, and some on the bowl. He liked the sound of the glitter, the feel of it on his hands and legs, and the way it sparkled in the light. 

  • When all the bowls were glittered, I set them aside to dry.  The next day Calvin repeated the activity putting glitter on the back of the bowls.

  • My last step was to glue the bowls together back-to-back in sets of twos. While the glue was wet, I placed a long piece of yarn between them for hanging.

Extend the Activity:

  • Alexander Calder was an artist famous for his mobiles and paintings. 

                    *Sticker Art Shapes: Alexander Calder is a book for younger children.  

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                    *Sandy's Circus: A Book About Alexander Calder is for ages 6 and up.

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