June 24, 2012

Stained Glass Windows From Plastic Bags

Stained Glass Windows 

Last week Little Arty Pants used three plastic sandwich bags to create Painted Butterflies.

The butterflies were lovely, but so were the plastic bags once they dried.  When I held one up to the light, it came to me: these would make beautiful little stained glass windows.

In fact, they became a beautiful mobile of stained glass windows. The following steps were done by me.  I'm a little-arty-pants too.


I left the bags unsealed and lying open in a sunny window for two days. Once they were dry:

  1. I shook the loose paint chips from each bag.
  2. I smoothed each bag until it lay flat.
  3. I cut two identical construction paper frames for each bag.
  4. I glued one frame on the front of each bag and the one frame on the back.
  5. I strung all three bags together with yarn creating a mobile.
  6. I hung the mobile where the sunlight shone through the stained glass windows.

Extend the Activity:

I noticed The Chocolate Muffin Tree did a project this week using the same plastic bag method.  Melissa added a variation.  Her daughter drew and made handprints on top of the plastic bags after the paint had been mixed. Check it out!

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