June 1, 2012

Plastic Egg Maracas

Plastic Egg Maracas

What'd you do with left over plastic eggs?  I asked this question on www.google.com and found instructions for Easter Egg Maracas on a blog called 'made' created by Dana. What a great idea! Thanks, Dana.


  • In order to make our six maracas, I filled two plastic eggs with dry rice, two with dry beans, and two with pennies.  Then I taped each egg between two plastic spoons (see photo below).  I also taped the spoon handles together at their ends.  I used masking tape, but any tape will do.

  • I soaked several paper towels in watered down glue and used them to cover the egg part of each maraca.  Then I dried the maracas in an upright position.  They dried as hard as paper mache.

  • I watered down some red and yellow tempera paint and poured it into Calvin's two buckets.  Calvin's job was to dip each maraca into the paint.  Some of the maracas were dipped in only one color of paint and others were dipped into both colors. 

  • Once the paint was dry, I glued a strip of white paper around the middle of each egg to reinforce the middle section.  Then Calvin and I used nontoxic black markers to draw a design on each maraca.

  • Calvin still puts everything in his mouth.  Just to be safe, I covered the egg part of each maraca with Mod Podge, a nontoxic sealer.  

  • Calvin played with the maracas.  He shook them, he banged them, and he threw them (uh oh!).  He liked their texture and their sound. He doesn't know it, but we're going to use them for dancing (see Extend the Activity below).

Extend the Activity:

  • How about a book to get you in the dancing mood?  Baby Dance (Harper Growing Tree) Board Book by Ann Taylor is just right for little listeners.  The book's energetic pictures and rhythmic poem make both parent and child want to get up, shake those maracas, and dance-dance-dance!

(click for Amazon.com)

  • Of course you'll need some music to shake and dance to.  Yo Gabba Gabba! - Music Makes Me Move is a delightful DVD containing four music-filled episodes of Yo Gabba Gabba!

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  • Too busy to make maracas?  Here are some toy maracas.

Melissa and Doug Band in a Box contains two maracas as well as some other fun rhythm instruments.  You can't go wrong with Melissa and Doug.

(click for Amazon.com)

Hape Mini Maracas are for the youngest musicians.

(click for Amazon.com)

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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