June 18, 2012

First Finger Painting Ever

 First Finger Painting Ever

This was Calvin's first time to finger paint, and getting used to the feel of the paint was a big part of the experience. He started with one finger in the paint and gradually worked up to his whole hand.  


I squeezed some red finger paint onto a piece of finger paint paper and waited to see what Calvin would do. He just looked at it. So I squeezed some on a different paper, stuck my finger in, and moved it around. (Sometimes seeing another person paint is all it takes to get a little one started.)

  • Calvin watched me paint, then stuck his finger in and moved it across the paper.

  • He liked the feel and began painting with green.

  • He even tried painting with his foot and his whole hand.

  • Like most one year olds, Calvin tended to paint in the same area of paper over and over, so I kept moving the paper to expose clean areas. We repeated the same procedure three more times.  

  • When Calvin was done, Poppa gave him a bath while I cleaned up.

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