May 7, 2012

Spring Flower Made with Printed Petals

Spring Flower Made with Printed Petals

This lovely spring flower was created from a fly swatter and seven fold-over printed petals.  Fold-over printing is super fun and super simple.  Fold a piece of white construction paper in half and cut any symmetrical shape: butterfly, heart, flower petal, etc.  Then follow the instructions below.

Procedure for Day One:

To prepare for fold-over printing, I cut seven symmetrical flower petals from white construction paper.

  • After Calvin and I came back from a spring walk (while he was still in his stroller), he watched me squirt red and blue tempera paint on one side of each petal's fold.  Then we refolded each petal, squishing the paint inside.

  • We patted and rubbed each folded petal to spread the paint.  Some paint squished out the sides, but that was okay.  We were working on an easy clean surface.

  • One at a time, Calvin and I opened each petal.  It was fun to see how the paint had spread to both sides of the petal making a lovely symmetrical design.  We let the petals dry, and I flattened them under a heavy book.

Procedure for Day Two:

The next day was absolutely beautiful: sunny, warm, bird's singing, flowers blooming.  Gosh, we had to work outside.  Who wants to be indoors on a day like that?

  • I sat in a chair while a gentle wind blew the petals around the porch and Calvin crawled around giggling and chasing them.  I remember thinking: life doesn't get any better than this.

  • In order to make the petals into a flower, we decided to glue them around the edge of a clean fly swatter. I spread glue on the petals, and positioned them on the fly swatter. 

  • Once the petals were in place, I made a big glue spiral over the swatter and the petals. Then Calvin and I sprinkled glitter over the glue.

  • After I shook the excess glitter off the flower, Calvin and I 'planted' it in the garden.

  •  And it looked right at home.

Extend the Activity:

To me, flowers are the prettiest part of spring.  Here are three more art activities that involve flowers and paint.

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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