April 7, 2012

Mixed-Media Easter Eggs for Kids

Mixed-Media Easter Eggs for Kids

We wanted this egg to be a 'little-arty-pants' egg, and that called for an egg-traordinary  approach. Read on to learn a beautiful decorating technique that's so simple a toddler can do it.

This was the first year Calvin and I decorated Easter eggs, but it won't be the last.  We had a blast.


  • My first step was to cook six hard boiled eggs and mix three different colors egg dye.

  • Even though the dye was non-toxic, I placed Calvin in his highchair to allow for maximum supervision. He dropped an egg into the dye. I helped him roll it around the bowl with his fingers allowing the dye to touch all surface areas.  When all the eggs were dyed, we let them dry.

  • I squeezed a few drops of red and yellow paint into a plastic container, and Calvin placed an egg inside. Whichever container you use, it must have a lid to avoid painted eggs rolling across the floor. Calvin's natural instinct was to shake.  He liked the sound the egg made rolling around inside.

  • Then I placed the wet eggs into the little drying rack that came with the egg dye. Several hours later we had six beautiful eggs. You can see the dye peeking through the paint.

  • I thought the eggs would crack and break, but they didn't.  Calvin shook with a one year old's strength.  Older children would need to shake gently or maybe just roll the eggs around in the container.

Extend the Activity:

  • If you have enough decorated eggs, you could display them on this Nifty Easter Egg Carousel.

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  • Or you could display them on this Bunny Shaped Metal Frame.

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