April 25, 2012

Making Art With Bird Seed

Making Art With Bird Seed

Calvin had so much fun last week making an Earth Day Bird Feeder. He absolutely loved playing with the seed. I figured he'd also love making art with it. All we needed were bird seed and clear contact paper.


  • I put some bird seed into Calvin's bucket and gave him time to play.  I knew he'd have more fun making art if he had some playtime first.

  • After a short time, I placed a sheet of clear contact paper next to the bucket. I had already removed the backing from half of it. I showed Calvin how to spread seed on the sticky paper. Once he knew what to do, he had a ball. It was just like playing in the seed again.

  • Handful after handful, Calvin emptied his bucket of seed.

  • When he was done, I pulled the backing off the unused portion of contact paper and pressed it on top of the seed.  I sealed the seed well between the top and bottom contact paper. 

  • I taped the art in a low window where Calvin was sure to notice. Now, whenever I see him there, I talk to him about how the seed feels: bumpy, rough, etc. I must admit, I like to feel it too. 

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