April 18, 2012

Make a Collage with Flower Petals for Your Window

Make a Collage with Flower Petals for Your Window

Spring is really here! Everything looks clean and fresh again, and the flowers...I'm loving all the flowers.  And we found a way to make art with flowers. All we needed were some flower petals and some clear contact paper.


  • The first step was to pick flower petals and collect them in a bucket.

  • I placed a piece of clear contact paper (sticky side up)  in front of Calvin. Then I placed the bucket full of flowers within reach.  Calvin grabbed a handful of flowers and threw them on the contact paper. 

  • Calvin really enjoyed this.  He giggled and squealed as he threw more and more flowers on the contact paper.

  • I placed another sheet of contact paper on top, sealing the flower petals inside.  Once I was sure the seal was good, I taped it in a window.  The petals won't wilt since they were sealed inside the contact paper.

  • I love when the sun shines through that window.  The flowers make a lovely filtered light.

Extend the Activity: 

Puzzles are a fun way to play with flowers:

  • Chunky Puzzle Scene: Flower Garden by Melissa and Doug

(click for Amazon.com)

  • Grimm's "Little Flower" Wooden Puzzle Stacker 

(click for Amazon.com)

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