April 15, 2012

Introducing a Young Child to Paint Brushes (Day 3)

Introducing a Young Child to Paint Brushes (Day 3)

On Day 1 Calvin 'dry' painted the floor and couch with his chubby brushes. On Day 2 he painted with water using a very fat brush.  Today is Day 3, and Calvin will actually paint with real paint.



When Calvin woke from his nap, he found his very fat paint brush, a piece of construction paper, and his bucket filled with an inch of watered down tempera paint. On Day 1 and Day 2, I let Calvin explore freely, but today I was much more involved.  My objective was this: paint the paper and no where else, especially the mouth.

  • Calvin lifted the brush out of the bucket and flicked paint on himself and the construction paper. He seemed a little amazed at how it got there.

  • Next he dabbed paint on the paper and even tried a twist of the wrist motion. 

  • After a little break where he crawled around the porch, Calvin was ready to begin again.  This time I gave him one of his chubby brushes, a new color of paint, and a fresh sheet of paper.

  • The smaller brush felt different, and Calvin tried holding it by the tip while he dabbed the paint on the paper. I was struck by his intense concentration.

  • He switched back to holding the brush in his fist, which seemed to feel more natural. (Did you notice the paint on his mouth? Well, he was fast, but I was faster.

  • After another minute of dabbing, he put the brush into the bucket and was done.

Extend the Activity:

  • Chubby paint brushes are great for little hands.                       

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  • Liquid Tempera is a washable paint.
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  • Paint pads are nice to use for painting.
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  • Construction paper can be used for painting too.
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  • No spill paint cups make for easy clean up.
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