April 14, 2012

Introducing a Young Child to Paint Brushes (Day 2)

Introducing a Young Child to Paint Brushes 
(Day 2)

Calvin had a great time exploring his chubby paint brushes Day 1.  Today when he woke from his nap, he found a fatter brush and a little red bucket waiting for him.


I watched Calvin carefully.  Other than that, I let him explore freely.

  • Calvin crawled right into the kitchen where he found a very fat paint brush and his little red bucket filled with about an inch of water.  Holding the brush in one hand, he played in the water with the other.  

  • He put the brush's handle into the water and swished it around.

  • Then he put the bristles into the water, which appeared to be more fun.

  • He remembered 'painting' the floor with his chubby brushes Day 1 and 'painted' with this brush too. 

  • He painted his stool, which required holding the brush with a different grip.

  • He finished his lesson with a little water play, and then crawled off when he heard Yo Gabba Gabba on TV.

What did Calvin learn today?

  • how to move his brush through liquid
  • how to 'paint' with a fatter brush
  • how to hold his brush with a different grip
  • how to 'paint' his stool
  • how the bristles were more fun than the handle

Today was another great learning experience for Calvin.  Stay tuned on Day 3 when we'll introduce (gulp) paint.

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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