April 13, 2012

Introducing a Young Child to Paint Brushes (Day 1)

Introducing a Young Child to Paint Brushes (Day 1) 

As a teacher of young children, I lived by this axiom: 

Always allow time for children to play with a new item  

before you teach about it.  

I have found that children are more open to guidance and suggestion once they've satisfied their need to play. With that in mind, this is how I first introduced my one year old grandson to paint brushes.


Today when Calvin got up from his nap, he found four chubby paint brushes waiting for him.  Like a miniature detective, he perused the room and immediately discovered the new items on our coffee table.  I watched him carefully.  Other than that, I let him explore independently.

  • He knocked all the brushes on the floor, picked up the green brush, looked at it, threw it down, and picked up the blue one.

  • Then he picked up the black brush, and hit the two together like drum sticks.

  • Finally he threw the black one down, settling on the blue brush. Satisfied with his choice, he 'painted' the floor.

  • He chewed on the blue handle for a while, threw it down, picked up the red brush, and 'painted' the couch.

  • With that he was done and crawled off to play with other toys.

What did Calvin learn today? 

  • how to hold the brush in his fist 
  • how to make a tapping sound with two brushes 
  • how to 'paint' by pulling the bristles across the floor and couch 

That's a lot of learning when you're one year old.  I wonder what Day 2 will bring?  Don't touch that dial.  We'll be right back.

Do you have a comment or a suggestion?  I'd love to hear from you.

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