April 30, 2012

Fun With Stickers For Little Kids

Fun With Stickers For Little Kids

Are you looking for a simple, clean activity to do while waiting in a doctor's office or in a restaurant? This colorful collage, made with circle stickers and construction paper, is your answer. And here's the bonus: it really strengthens small muscle coordination.

You can get the stickers on Amazon.com.


  • My job was to peel the stickers off the sheet and hand them to Calvin.
  • Calvin's job was to press the stickers on the construction paper.

  • Sometimes I put the stickers on the back of my hand so Calvin could peel them off.

  • Sometimes the stickers got stuck on Calvin's hand, and he had to peel them off.

  • This was a great activity for Calvin. I was impressed with his persistence and concentration as he learned to manage the stickiness of these little circles. 

Extend the Activity:

Here are some sticker activities I found on the blogs I follow.  The one from The Artful Parent was the blog post that inspired me to use stickers with Calvin.

  • The Chocolate Muffin Tree has a blog post entitled Paper Bag Self Portrait.  It uses stickers as part of a self portrait.

  • Tinkerlab has a blog post entitled Sticker Composition where her kids created an invitation using paper, stickers, and a hand drawn frame.

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